Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th

So I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently I have stopped growing. I'm only 5 foot 2!!!!! ugh. Oh well, I'm short. What can I say? haha. But anyway, I got my blood taken and now I have huge bruise!! Haha, my friends named it Bruce. I also found out that I have severe TMJ (a jaw disease where it clicks and pops out all the time. I know, gross right?) and Carpal Tunnel (pretty much inflamed tendons in your wrist that make your hand, wrist and elbow numb and painful). Oh joy. Since volleyball tryouts are in two weeks, I guess that means no volleyball. My doctor also told me that I probably have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (he's the second doctor to tell me this), which means I'm going to a rheumatologist in two weeks. I also have a sinus infection. Great doctors visit, right? haha. But there's also good news!! After having had my braces on for two and a half years, I am finally getting them off in two weeks!!! :D Success. I would recommend actually wearing your rubber bands when they tell you to, because no matter how much you fake it, they always know!! It's ridiculous!!! But they gave me these new rubber bands, and they zig-zag through all of the brackets, so you can't open your mouth!! It's soo weird!

I finished my book today. It was pretty good! It was the book "The Fall" in the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore. It's like the 7th book, but the series is really good, you should check it out!! I also got ooVoo and Skype accounts today because all of my friends have them, and so now we can all video chat! :D I went to Six Flags on Monday, it was so much fun!! I won two stuffed animals!!! They're two baby chickens (one's yellow, one's white) with life savers around them and those sun glasses with slits in them. Sooo cute :D Everybody else was winning Jamaican bananas. But I couldn't seem to win one :/ I'm ready for school to start so that all of my friends and I will be together again!!

Well, Adios!! (:

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