Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random and Bored

So, I am having major Glee withdraws. The second season needs to start, and it needs to start now. I can't wait to see Lea and Cory (Rachel and Finn) on my favorite show ever again!!

I've been doing some school clothes shopping and now I'm going on a diet after 2 days more of eating what I want. That will give me about a month to get ready for school. Since I am going to have my brand new, brace-less teeth, I might as well be thinner too, right? And if I lose 20 pounds, I get a whole new wardrobe!! :D

So anyway, now that Glee isn't on, I have found a new show to watch!! It's called Covert Affairs on the channel USA. It's like a spy romance-y action drama show. Haha I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, right?

I've also discovered that I am pretty good at giving advice. Although I have learned how to from my friend who is the best advice-giver (is that a word? lol) ever. Like no joke.

Well that's all I pretty much have to say.. Adios!! (:

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