Sunday, July 25, 2010

So tomorrow I am getting my braces off!!! After 2 and a half years!! :D
And then thursday I have a rheumatologist appointment to see if my other doctor was right about me having Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm actually excited because they might be able to fix (or at least manage) all of this, so maybe I won't be in excruciating pain everyday!
My dad finally agreed to let me paint my room!! I think I 'm going to have the accent wall be a mint green, since my room has a black and white theme.
I have decided that for applying to college I need to have a hobby other than sports. So I want to take voice lessons and learn how to play the acoustic guitar!! Sounds fun, right?
I am going to video me singing and put it on my youtube, WatchTheDailyBailey, so go check it out!! :D
School is in four weeks, so I am going to go on a diet and go SHOPPING(:
My mom, sister and I planned a day where we are all going to go get mani pedis, get our hair cut (and mine died), get our eyebrows done and go shoe and clothes shopping!! woohoo!! :D
Lately I haven't been able to sleep, so last night I was watching celebrity interviews on Youtube. And I discovered Lauren Graham!! She is the funniest person ever.. no joke! Her and Ellen should have their own talk show together, they are both soo funny!! :D So now my favorite actress list has been updated: Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, Lea Michele and Selena Gomez!!
Speaking of Selena Gomez, I saw Ramona and Beezus and it was a GREAT movie!! I laughed and cried, and all of the actors in it did a phenomenal job!! I would definitely recommend it to all ages! It has a great message, romance, comedy and so much more!! Plus it's rated G so everyone can see it!! Seriously, go watch it!! :D
Well that's it for now!!
See y'all later(:

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